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  • Fujairah

Al Yousuf (AYM)

Inventory Engineer

Job Purpose:

  • This position supports the Showroom to achieve 100% stock accuracy by ensuring proper counting and accounting of goods movements (IN/OUT) in Ajman Showroom by strict adherence to all the procedures and documentation. This includes, the coordination with different dept. for timely receipt and delivery of the products.
  • To record all the exception transactions carried out through proper approvals obtained by Showroom Area Manager, tracking pending transaction and regularize the same in system promptly.
  • Considering the transaction volume, this position is responsible for AYM and ACC Units & Accessories who directly reports to Showroom Area Manager for day-to-day operations

Duties and Responsibilities

Timely receipt of Units to showroom as per Sales requirements (AYM, Accessories):

1. Daily coordination with Salesmen for their sales requirements.
2. Generate the oracle requisition and coordinate with Warehouse/s for delivery plan.
3. Coordinate for internal transportation and collect the product on time.
4. Get necessary approvals for outsourcing from requester/area manager if internal fleets are occupied.
5. Coordinate with the warehouse and schedule the receipts to Showroom within working hours.
6. Receive the units and inspect for quantity and physical condition.
7. Report immediately if any abnormalities found and notify to concerned Dept. for necessary actions.
8. Constant follow ups for timely actions & conclusion of abnormalities.
9. Move the products to designated storage location & make a system receipt.
10. Fix the secutrity tags on all products in SR and deactivate the items when it is sold or transfer out

PDI and Delivery coordination for showroom:
1. Coordinate with Salesmen for Sales requirements on regular basis.
2. Generate the PDI request for required units and coordinate to move the products to Workshop with proper delivery acknowledgment.
3. Coordinate with Workshop for timely PDI and escalate to Salesmen or Area Manager in case of delays.
4. Inspect the product after the PDI and give feedback in case of any abnormalities noticed.
5. Make stock receipt in system once PDI is completed to allow the Salesman to Invoice the unit.
6. Coordinate for delivery plan and arrange the transportation arrangements accordingly.
7. Generate the system Sales Order and release the product with necessary acknowledgments & related customer check lists.
8. In case of only stock transfers between the showrooms, make the stock transfer out, generate the delivery note and get necessary delivery acknowledgment.
9. File all the delivery acknowledgment for future or internal audit references.
10. Ensure zero customer complaints due to delayed deliveries.

Physical custody & accuracy of the showroom inventory: –
1. Custodian for all the Units and Accessories inventory stored in Showroom along with shared responsibility by Showroom.
2. 100% Physical checking/inspection of all the items before carrying out any IN/OUT system transactions.
3. Avoid & notify any unauthorised stock movement IN/OUT without Management approvals.
4. Regularize all the exception/pending transactions in system on time.
5. Keep a close track of pending deliveries and follow up with showrooms for collection.
6. Perform weekly (Units) and Monthly (Accessories) stock counts, reconcile with system stock & submit the report to Area Manager marking copy to Logistics Manager.
7. Follow up for necessary corrective and preventive measures for the discrepancies and escalate to Logistics Manager to expedite actions.

Periodic maintenance and actions to ensure stocks are in good condition: –
1. Strict adherence to FIFO to ensure aged stocks are moved out first.
2. Follow up with Area Manager for any aged/non-moving/slow moving inventory lying in Showroom.
3. Schedule and perform the periodic storage maintenance of eligible products as per Mfg. guideline.
4. Keep a track of maintenance carried out, update and file maintenance sheet for future warranty claims.
5. Communicate to Area Manager & Warranty Dept. in case of any quality deterioration noticed in storage.
6. Follow up for necessary corrective actions to restore the product to good condition.
7. Regularly inspect the units and notify to Area Manager in case of any parts missing OR unauthorized cannibalization done.
8. Track and maintain list of damaged, missing parts and cannibalized units.
9. Periodically review with Area Manager for necessary repair actions.
10. Follow up with workshops for best repair offers and carryout the repairs with necessary approvals.
11. Ensure zero damages in storage and handling by the concerned personnel.
12. Coordinate with Logistics representative for any insurance claims for damages within premises or during land transit.

Support showroom for internal Fleet utilization and cost control:
1. Unless it is urgent, use only internal fleets for collection & deliveries.
2. In case of urgencies, book the outsourcing only with Area Manager’s approval.
3. Maintain a track of internal fleet trips and outsource trips for monthly reporting.
4. Preplanning of delivery according to sales priority or requirement to minimize outsourcing.
5. Identify and perform cost saving projects for Showroom deliveries.

Strict adherence to all the policies, procedures, documentation and guideline in Showroom:
1. Strict adherence to Companies policies, procedures and guidelines.
2. Strict adherence to all the HR policies and procedures including attendance.
3. Strict adherence to Department’s policy, procedures and guidelines.
4. Adherence to health & safety procedures to ensure safety of people, assets and goods.
5. Dress etiquettes/adherence to Dept. uniform including maintaining office decorum.
6. Quick response to critical/priority subjects and timely feedback to line or Department Managers.
7. Ensure all the trackers/reports are updated accurately, periodically reviewed and actions are taken.

Total Employee Involvement & continuous improvements:
1. Identify scope for improvements in your respective work areas & roles.
2. Suggest ideas & implement projects to improve Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, documentation & IT/ERP enhancements.


1. Sound understanding of store management & inventory management.
2. Hands on experience in stock count & reconciliation method with zero errors.
3. Knowledge of stores documentation procedures and strict adherence.
4. Hands on experience in working in ERP (Inventory, Material, Warehouse modules)
5. Professionalism and accountability.
6. Documentation discipline, accuracy and timeliness.
7. Effective writing & verbal communication skills to interact with teams.
8. Efficient and effective activities tracking of pending activities, review and accomplishment.
9. MS Office skills for data analysis and MIS preparation.
10. Driving skills of Fork Lift will be an additional advantage for the job profile.

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