AL YOUSUF | اليوسف

Al Yousuf (AYM)

Category Manager


1. Brand Merchandise Planning & Product Selection

▪ Prepare annual plans for the brand and provide inputs to concept GM/CEO to assist creation of overall merchandising budget for concept.

▪ Study merchandise requirements for the assigned brand based on actual sales, sales forecasts, company order parameters, inventory checks, forthcoming events, replenishment needs etc

▪ Monitor concept merchandise MIS analytics based on actual sales, sales forecasts, company order parameters, inventory checks, forthcoming events, replenishment needs etc

▪ Monitor creation of merchandise plan for the brand based on insights gained from merchandise analytics, customer preference, historical trends and future outlook

▪ Discuss and decide the merchandise plan (pricing, promotion, assortment etc) for the brand with Merchandise and planning department

▪ Ensure effective in-season management across territories (stock balancing, markdown management, stock analysis, stock vs sales performance)


2. Order & Principal Management

▪ Acquire NEW brands to add to my existing portfolio to maximize market share.

▪ Maintain relationships with all principals and co-strategize a long term plan for the business

▪ Review the financial and credit services agreement with the principal in order to maximize profits and positively contribute to healthy cash-flow.

▪ Monitor orders based on the buying plan and follow-up to ensure merchandise delivery.


3. Category and Brand Standards

▪ Understand the brand standards (retail operations, staff, customer service, product specifics, visual merchandising) from the brand principal.

▪ Obtain brand manuals and ensure implementation of the retail and customer service standards to result in customer satisfaction in the stores.

▪ Conduct a yearly training for sales team to ensure highest levels of qualification, resulting in individual promotion and team recognition.

▪ Plan and develop the visual merchandising calendar for the brands in consultation with the Brand Principals.

▪ Ensure all brands are displayed during the season with the proper displaying tools.

▪ Purchasing the display stands, Mannequins & all other display tools.


4. Market & Competition Research

▪ Selling to new customers in the market by approaching retailers & Competitors shops

▪ SWOT Analysis

▪ Visiting competitors to know their product range and pricing and also check for any fake items available in the market

▪ Research and look at new channels for brand outlets.

▪ Research in the latest trends in products, brands, styles, designs etc.


5. Marketing

▪ Create the brand positioning in consultation with brand principal.

▪ Plan marketing programs for brands, along with marketing manager and brand principal, in line with the concept guidelines.

▪ Prepare the monthly product article to be published in Outdoor Magazine.

▪ Ensure adherence to brand marketing budget.

▪ Ensure campaigns, promotions, special offers (Ramadan), marketing communications are implemented according to seasonal requirements

▪ Creating modification packages that are attractive to the customers and also boost sales of units and accessories

▪ Ensure all these activities are carried out in a cost-effective way.

▪ Using the social media (Facebook, Instagram) to promote our brands on weekly basis.

▪ Preparing the list of products which supposed to be posted on & Our Ecommerce website.

▪ Promoting our products through our Accessories trailer Box on event locations.


6. Category Growth & Profitability

▪ Develop the new brand launch strategy (across territories) in consultation with the principals.

▪ Control costs within budgetary guidelines with respect to the OTB’s (Open to Buy)

▪ Maximize productivity in stores through effective deployment of resources (Trainings)

▪ Ensure complete sell through as per brand product, style and assortment plans (basic safety, gears, modification etc)

▪ Collect feedback from Territory on Brand acceptance and customer expectations

▪ Ensure adherence to financial plan in all key areas – sales, markdowns, margin & average inventory etc Competencies

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Strong research and analytical skills

• Comfort with CRM software

• In-depth understanding of the company’s current products and future concepts

• A willingness to listen

• Ability to think creatively and innovatively

• Budget-management skills and proficiency

• Professional judgment and discretion that comes from years of experience in the field

• Analytical skills to forecast and identify trends and challenges

• Familiarity with the latest trends, technologies and methodologies in graphic design, web design, production, etc.

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