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Planting the Future of Sustainability

At Al Yousuf Group, we strongly believe in fostering a company culture of sustainability. Faithful Community Service is one of our core values, which we have worked towards through many initiatives over the years. Some of these initiatives include:

  • Our cleansing drive across all AYG departments
  • Our provision of recycling bins at every AYG division
  • Our reduction of one-time plastic usage in all our offices


The AYG Cleansing Drive

During the eco-friendly endeavors of 2022, all departments at AYG in every Emirate joined forces to gather documents requiring shredding. Subsequently, they diligently arranged for on-site shredding and responsible recycling of the materials. Al Yousuf Group managed to recycle 240 kg of paper, which is equivalent to 4.08 trees’ worth of paper during the cleansing drive.

Recycling Bins at AYG

Recycling has become a regular part of our daily life at AYG by incorporating recycling bins in every one of our AYG divisions. We have placed them at various convenient locations within the buildings for our staff so that a sustainable solution is always an option. AYG has also arranged for the timely collection of these bins on a regular basis through our partnerships with nearby recycling plants.


No More One-Time Plastic Usage

We are very passionate about doing our part to reduce the usage of non-recyclable waste that pollutes our planet. This is why we have introduced reusable, stainless steel insulated bottles and mugs within our offices, for all of our employees to use instead of one-time plastics. In cases where the use of disposable objects cannot be avoided, we still encourage AYG staff to use disposable items that have been made using recyclable materials.


Better Today for a Better Tomorrow

Based on the theme, “Today for Tomorrow,” the UAE declared 2023 as the UAE’s Year of Sustainability. Al Yousuf Group’s sustainable projects aim to help us align with this vision and create a better today for a better tomorrow. As our planet’s plants continue to grow to nurture us, our plans continue to grow to nurture our planet.


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