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The Long-Term Impact of Emiratisation on Businesses in the UAE

As an Emirati family-owned business in the UAE, we at Al Yousuf Group (AYG) have a long-standing with Emiratisation and are aligned with the objectives of the UAE government aimed at increasing the employment and participation of Emirati citizens in the UAE’s workforce, particularly in the private sector. This law was introduced in order to nurture the population’s skills and further strengthen the local economy. As initiatives to increase Emiratisation continue to grow, here are some of the long-term benefits that AYG projects Emiratization will have on businesses in the UAE.

Diversity and Inclusivity

To support Emiratisation, UAE businesses have been creating more inclusive work environments that further encompasses Emirati values and traditions. By better integrating their Emirati employees, businesses can strongly benefit from the population’s unique perspective, which could also help them build stronger relationships. AYG predicts that this increase in Emirati representation within the workforce will also help increase Emirati female representation in higher positions within UAE businesses, which will certainly lead to an even more diverse and inclusive workforce and society over time.

Training and Development

Emiratization initiatives have led many businesses to offer training opportunities, internship programmes, and apprenticeships to help Emirati applicants and employees acquire the skills needed for their roles. This investment in training will lead to a much more skilled UAE workforce and overall organisational growth in the future.

Economic Impact

Emiratisation aims to reduce the UAE’s dependence on expatriate labour and promote the long-term economic sustainability of the UAE by empowering its citizens. Thus, a more skilled and engaged local workforce will contribute to economic diversification and innovation for UAE businesses.


In the long run, Emiratisation will strongly benefit companies in the UAE by creating a more diverse and proficient workforce. From training programmes designed for Emirati candidates to more inclusive work environments, AYG believes that all these efforts geared towards successful Emiratisation will undoubtedly contribute to the overall growth and sustainability of all businesses in the UAE.

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